On February 6th, 2024, a body was found in Lady Bird Lake, which is located in Austin, Texas. Here's what we know currently about the situation.

Details Of The Investigation

According to KVUE, Emergency Services in Austin were alerted to discovery of a body at 1:31 PM on Monday. The location of the body was revealed as near West Cesar Chavez Street, near Buford Tower. Also, at the time of writing, how long the body was in the water is currently unknown, as well as if any wounds were on the body.

The body has been identified as female and police stated that the case is currently not seen as a homicide at the current time. Law enforcement is currently waiting on both an autopsy and a toxicology report. However, in the past year, this hasn't been the first body found in the the lake.

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Growing Concerns About Lady Bird Lake In Austin, Texas


As shown above by KVUE, these are where bodies have been found in the lake over the past year. This has caused some in the Austin area to call on law enforcement to cover more of the area, as FOX 7 Austin reports.

Some are even worried that there is somebody doing this around Austin, and that law enforcement are unable to find the individual. Abdul Tabbakha, who lives around Lady Bird Lake, stated his concerns to FOX 7:

"In recent months, we have seen Austin police kind of going up and down the trail with their horses, but yeah, with this back it definitely does concern me that they are not able to find out who is doing this."

As this is a developing story, we will report more information when it become available.

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