The weather wasn't the only thing going crazy in Texas Monday morning.

KPRC-TV in Houston shared one of the most idiotically insane stories we've ever come across after one of their news vans was involved in an attempted carjacking.

It happened around 4:40 AM when KPRC reporter Sofia Ojeda and cameraman Damon Sales were stopped at a red light, where they were sideswiped by a car.

Another KPRC reporter said the driver got out of his car and tried to force Sofia to open her door, but it was damaged and would not work. He then went around and demanded that the cameraman get out, reportedly screaming, "I'm stealing your vehicle!". The man tried to pull Damon out to no avail.

That's when two police officers pulled up to help with what they believed to be nothing more than a traffic collision.

The angry driver reportedly pushed one officer down and pulled another from the officers' cruiser, then took off in the police vehicle.

Oh, the craziness doesn't stop there.

The officers were transporting a 16-year-old juvenile suspect when the stopped. The teen was still handcuffed in the back of the vehicle when the suspect took off with it.

Fortunately, the suspect had enough mental clarity to drop the teen off safely a few blocks away, where he was able to flag down help. (Kudos to the kid for not trying to make a run for it.)

Police later found the cruiser abandoned. They're currently searching for the suspect in a wooded area not far from where the vehicle was found.

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