Ahhh The Robertsons. They hunt, they fish, they sing.  Wait.  What?!

Phil and Si Robertson came from very humble beginnings.  Using the word "Humble" is raising the bar actually.  From those days of poverty they and their family have become a world wide phenomenon.  And it all began with a duck call which, I'm sure, many of the handmade calls were used as Christmas gifts in those days of lesser means.

But this year for Christmas 2013, the Robertson's have a new stocking stuffer.  Not for just the family, but for everyone!  It's "Duck The Halls:A Robertson Family Christmas", hitting the shelves October 29th.  I knew Jase's wife could sing, but Phil??  Si??  Yep!  Look for classic Christmas standards and some originals being covered by Willie and the rest of the bearded brethren, as well as their coworkers and friends.  And by "friends" I mean folks like George Strait teaming up with Phil and Kay on "Christmas Cookies".  Luke Bryan, Alison Krauss, and Josh Turner also are a part of the joy the Robertson's are sharing this season.

Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the making of the album.  Quack, Quack.