Ever wonder what some of your favorite country singers would be doing for work if they were not blessed with the opportunity to entertain you with their voices, skills and talents? Dustin Lynch might have ended up attending to you on an on operating table if his career had gone in the direction he initially planned.

The 'Cowboys and Angels' singer revealed to Go Country 105 that he was going to school to be a doctor, but apparently, fate intervened and the calling to do music was magnetic.

"I was gonna be a surgeon, so I would probably be cutting on somebody," he reveals about where he'd be today if he hadn't heeded the call.

He also shared which country singer he'd like to kiss, joking that it'd be Blake Shelton, but that he already did that, so he would like to smooch with that stunning redhead known as Reba McEntire.

Other Lynch tidbits that are of interest? His favorite website is Twitter, so he can interact with his fans, and his downtime is filled with activities like writing songs.

Lynch will spend his summer opening the upcoming Keith Urban 2013 Light the Fuse Tour. Something tells us that country music fans probably prefer the idea of Lynch strapping on a guitar and grabbing a mic, as opposed to scrubbing in and using a scalpel.