Savannah, a five-year-old girl from Lubbock, Texas, drew pictures based on Dustin Lynch songs. And last Saturday, Lynch had a chance to see the drawings himself.

The drawings, which are based on five songs Lynch has written over the years, are beyond cute.

After a meet and greet with Lonestar 99.5 listeners, we showed Lynch the drawings. Other than thinking they were adorable, the singer wanted to test his knowledge of his own music and see if he could guess the songs based on Savannah's artistic interpretation.

Lynch guessed three of the five songs -- "Hurricane," "Cowboys and Angels" and "She Cranks My Tractor" -- correctly. Not bad!

After being such a good sport, Lynch went one step further: by signing all five of Savannah's drawings!

We're going to take a shot in the dark and say the little girl is now a Dustin Lynch fan for life!