I feel really bad.  I feel like I should have spent more time and put more thought into my proposal.  I knew she was gonna say yes, but I was so worried about screwing it up that I couldn't focus on anything other than speaking words and going to one knee.

The proposal was a nighttime proposal on the sand at Virginia Beach.  We got to where we wanted to sit down and as I laid out the blanket I pretended to tie my shoe.  When I came back up I had the ring in my hand.  I was actually so worried about the ring falling out of my shirt pocket that I proposed a lot earlier than I had intended.

At no point in time did I think I needed to film or photograph this event.  There were no smartphones.  I was still using disposable cameras (remember those?) at the time, and there was no hope of getting a good shot at night.  We just went and watched a Beatles cover band and called it a night.

I feel really bad because my wife deserved more.  She deserved something clever and creative.  I'm not talking about a jumbotron proposal.  That's cheesy unless she's the daughter of the team's owner or a cheerleader.  But, as creative as I like to consider myself, I should have thought it out more.

This gentleman not only thought out a great proposal idea, he built an entire handmade armoire in which to put the ring.  Talk about another moment of the bar raising.  I can't even assemble IKEA furniture, so I can't imagine constructing something from hand that's expected to stand the test of time.

The worst part of this engagement is that there's a lot of pressure on that armoire surviving.  If the armoire loses a handle, or a drawer comes off the tracks, chances are good that she'll use that as some sort of metaphor on their relationship.  I've seen it personally.  Not from something I built, of course.  My wife fully expects something I've constructed to fall apart within hours.

Hey, I'd marry the guy for great, one-of-a-kind furniture like that.