There's one thing we love in the state of Texas, and that is food.

With so many options, you have to narrow down what you'd like to chow down on. Could it BBQ, or perhaps a steakhouse? There's healthier options too of course.

But the normal experience isn't always what a Lone Star Diner wants right? Sometimes you'd like a show to watch eating, like they do at Medieval Times. But there's another type of place you can chow down at.

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Have you ever wanted to inside an aquarium? While watching the fish swim?

Turns Out You Can, Right Here In The Lone Star State!

The restaurant, aptly titled Aquarium, has two locations right here in Texas. Houston and Kemah. But what exactly does the experience include?

Well, as previously mentioned, you get to sit, enjoy food, and watch a lot, and from they describe, many different types of fish swim around. Which has to just be really calming right?

It's like sitting on the beach and listening to the waves, except indoor and with less sand in your shorts. We're real thankful about that last part if we're being honest.

The experience has been well received, so much so that Love Food ranked it very high on their list of underwater restaurant experiences. So suffice to say, some of us need to go visit.

Have you ever been to this eatery? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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