The heat in Texas is something to both experience in person and to avoid at all costs if you can. It truly is one of the weirdest things in life, isn't it? But with extreme heat comes various experiments of what you can actually do in the heat we live in currently.

One situation that always comes to mind in a heatwave such as this is the idea of cooking food in nature without a campfire or a stove in some way, shape or form. And wouldn't you know it, through the wonder of social media, we can experiment with various phrases.

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Like for example, the phrase "it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk!"

Certainly the thought has crossed many a Texans' mind. With temps climbing over 100 degrees, some people are continuously trying to cool off. Others are trying to well...

Yes indeed my fellow Texans, the age old question of frying an egg on the sidewalk is actually possible. Whether you choose to do it with or without a pan is up to you as well. But let's go back here for a moment and not gloss over the fact we just learned.

You can ACTUALLY fry an egg on the sidewalk in the Texas heat!

Does anybody else now wonder what else we could cook on a Texas sidewalk? Wonder if a burger would cook well, or maybe even a steak perhaps? Could water actually boil too?

Have you ever baked cookies on your dashboard?

Some people swear that if you leave a pan with balls of cookie dough on your dashboard on a hot summer day, you'll find some warm, delicious cookies waiting for you at the end of the work day. Imagine it - fresh baked treats waiting for you in your car, which now smells amazing.


What do you think you would be able to be cook on the sidewalk? Let us know via the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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