SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk plans to build "the City of the Future" in South Texas, and he's actively encouraging scientific talent to move to the area and help make the dream a reality.

Musk took to Twitter Tuesday morning to ask "engineers, technicians, builders, and essential personnel of all kinds" to consider moving to the greater Brownsville and South Padre area or to join him in the city's he's planning called Starbase.

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The space-obsessed billionaire also tweeted plans to donate $10 million to the Cameron County schools and help Brownsville improve its downtown area.

Right now, Starbase is the simple Boca Chica Village, but Musk announced plans earlier this month to incorporate the area and turn it into a base for his goal of establishing commercial flights to Mars.

Browsing through comments sections on social media, I've seen many people saying that Elon will not be ready for the Texas heat and hurricanes, and some others expressed the opinion that we simply do not need any more people moving to Texas.

For individuals that are already living in Texas, this project could create job opportunities, so is it really such a bad thing? Besides, there's always the possibility that people who move here are doing so because they don't like the culture back home, or that they'll embrace Texas culture once they've settled in. We should try to be optimistic in that regard.

If anyone's got a legitimate gripe about this, it's the residents of Boca Chica who say they've felt pressured to sell their homes and move out to make room for the SpaceX projects happening there.

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