Space: the final frontier. Boca Chica, Texas a frontier somewhere in the middle.

To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before, Elon Musk believes he has to take over the tiny town of about two dozen residents.

Boco Chica, also known as Kopernik Shores, has been the site Musk's private SpaceX port since 2014, and has had a number of tests and launches since - but not without some bumps in the road for the residents.

Late last month, SpaceX issued a warning that windows could break from a test launch on the tiny island. (Click here to learn more.) There has even been a brush fire scorching 100 acres from another test.

To not have to deal with any more issues, Musk issued buyout offers to every home according to Business Insider.

It is believed that not all will take the offer with just two weeks to make a decision, but it's not terrible. The offer includes three times an independently appraised value for their properties, plus VIP launch viewing access.

SpaceX can't force residents out, but some are worried they will try.

I'm rooting for the folks of Boca Chica. Stand strong. Musk wants to conquer Mars, but nothing can beat Texans.


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