With the overnight temperatures going below freezing the next few nights, there is a greater need for places to accommodate homeless and displaced residents. The Moss Rose Center will be open at 1103 East Avenue E each night through Friday morning in Killeen, Texas.

Donations Are Welcome, But...

Centers like this are used as temporary shelters in severe circumstances like widespread cold, or natural disasters. These temporary shelters are in need of donations. However, items are regulated. For example, all food donated must be in its original packaging, nonexpired, and require no heating.

Items not allowed include toys, bedding, and candy. They also cannot accept gift wrapped items or medical supplies. If you have donations like this, you're encouraged to gift them elsewhere.

If you have questions about what is and is not allowed, please call: 254-327-1164 x13.

Meals Will Be Provided

There will be a meal provided each evening after the center opens at 6pm. If nobody elects to use the shelter by 11:30pm each night, they will lock up, and open again the following designated day at 6pm.

Other Shelters Are Available

Besides temporary warming centers, there are several shelters available in the Killeen-Temple area. These shelters include youth, family, and single assistance. You can check out a directory here. Keep up to date on posted alerts serving the greater Killeen area here.

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More Ways to Help

For other ideas on how to assist local homeless and displaced residents, you can reach out to the Salvation Army, local churches, and food banks. Volunteers are always needed too.

Sometimes the easiest way to help is simply sharing blogs like this, and keeping the info flowing via word of mouth. How do you adjust to severe cold?

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