I gave up on Christmas lights a few years back.  Sure, I put up the Christmas trees in early November, but when it comes to climbing my butt up the ladder, it ain't happening anymore.

When I was thinner and younger climbing up and down the ladder was no big deal.  Now that I've seen Christmas Vacation 8-billion times, my climbing days are over.  Truthfully, I just don't want to prove my wife right and kill myself doing something stupid like hanging up Christmas lights.

I was also once told by my wife that I wasn't allowed to staple the lights to the house anymore.  That's my whole plan of action.   My house doesn't have rain gutters all the way around, and I have zero rain gutters in the front of the house.  That means the clips some people use are also out of the question.

I've seen many advances in Christmas home lighting, but nothing that's made me want to get back up that ladder (which, BTW, belongs to a neighbor that's since moved).  Seeing this neighborhood coordinating their lighting means I'll never have another reason to climb the ladder again.  When people are doing lighting displays like this, there's not reason to risk life and limb on a few dozen lights hanging above the garage.