European Vacation, Texas style.

When I was a junior in high school my cousin talked me into buying a ticket to go to

Food was crap

Europe to visit her sister. Best $2000 dollars I ever spent. I loved it. Didn’t speak the language at all, but still thought Germany and France were nice.

I really enjoyed England. Food was crap, but at least I could understand the women when they told me to get lost. But I didn’t, because I bought a map. HA (some of these I do just for me)!

Turns out I could’ve gone to Europe by just coming to Texas.



  • Edinburg


    Originally called Chapin. But the guy they named the city after was tried for murder in San Antonio, so they changed the name to Edinburgh. It was named for the birthplace of one of its prominent business men, John Young, in 1911. Like a sock in a dryer, or a person's keys, the "H" was lost along the way.


  • Paris


    Known as the Second Biggest Paris in the world. Do we need to say more? Lets just hope the men shower in Paris, Texas.


  • London

    Texas ol' Chap

    London, or London Town Texas came about in the early 1880s with former Union Army officer Len L. Lewis. He married a local and opened up a store with a few other people including Robert Stevenson. Stevenson opened up a post office in 1892 under the name of London, and that name was used to denote the town.

    In 1937 the town became famous for a horrific reason...


  • Athens


    Came about in 1850. And yes, it was named after Athens, Greece. It was a military training headquarters during the Civil War.

    Most famous for being the home of the Hamburger. Also, the black-eyed peas capital of the world.


  • Florence


    Settled in the early 1850s it was initially called Brooksville. In 1857 the town was known as Florence when the first post office came to town.