Dang, Gina! Actress Tisha Campbell, who is best known for playing Gina Waters-Payne on the popular 90's sitcom Martin, had a very serious message for two individuals that she says was trying to "snatch her up."

Campbell was filming in Brownsville Texas, where the actress said she had to call a taxi because there was no Uber service in the area.

That's when things reportedly got scary.

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Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube


According to Campbell, a van pulled up and very sketchy a man jumped out of the car and told her to get in. She noticed that the van was covered in dirt and gravel, not looking clean and professional at all, and says she and the man had few minutes of back-and-forth during which she insisted she was not getting in that van.

Campbell says she then went to speak to a front desk worker at the hotel and asked who exactly she'd called with the number she'd been provided. The puzzled receptionist reportedly asked why anyone would have given her that number.

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Campbell took to Instagram to explain that she believes she may have been a target of potential sex trafficking.

She even recorded a message for the alleged would-be kidnappers, saying that she is not Gina from TV, but Tisha Campbell from Jersey and she knew better than to trust the man or someone else she thinks may have been an accomplice.

The two men in question weren't identified, and it seems like the Brownsville Police Department didn't find Campbell's story to really make any sense.

I'm relieved she's ok, because if this really was an attempted kidnapping and she hadn't been paying attention, things could have been worse. If the story is made up, then I'll be extremely disappointed in her, and I'd hate to see her career ruined by it. (Remember what happened to Jussie Smollett after his false reports?)

Human trafficking is definitely an issue we have to take seriously, especially in Texas, so always be mindful of your surroundings and if you get a weird or creepy feeling about a situation or the people involved, just walk way. Better safe than sorry.



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