If you were watching the ACM awards, and other Sunday Morning TV, you noticed that they made a big deal about the artist Chris Stapleton going back home to Kentucky.

Everyone famous always starts out somewhere. In my old state the most famous person was Angie Dickenson. That was until some ex quarterback got discovered on a beach in L.A. His name is Josh Duhamel. He started on All My Children. Then landed a role on “Las Vegas” with James Caan. He also did some time in the horrific “Transformer” movies. I guess it’s a big deal back home.

Locally though, the talent that has come out of Central Texas dwarfs the state of North Dakota.

Where to begin? How about humor.



  • Steve Martin

    Waco Guy

    Steve Martin, yes, that Steve Martin was born in Waco. Lately he's more famous for pickin, but he'll always be known as the man who made the world laugh. Even with a huge nose.

  • Scream Queen

    The Original

    Central Texas is more about the beauty and talented. To start there’s Anne Gwynne. She was born in Waco and is known as one of the first Scream Queens because of her appearances in horror films including “House of Frankenstein”. Later she would be known as Chris Pine’s Grandma. Yep, the new Captain Kirk has ties to Central Texas.


  • Peri Gelpin

    Yep, it's Roz

    More recently there’s Peri Gilpin, most notably Roz from the TV show “Frasier”

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Ghost Whisperer

    Then there’s Jennifer Love Hewitt who was born in Waco and was raised in Nolanville. She's grown up in our TV and Radio. Oh my, what a journey.

  • Shannon Elizabeth

    So much better than pie

    We’re not done yet. How can we forget about Shannon Elizabeth? The girl to amazing for the “American Pie” movies. She was raised in Waco and makes Central Texas proud every time she’s on the big or small screen. Or at a poker table.