Sometimes you miss the boat. Life gets in the way and before you realize it you missed it all together. If you didn’t succeed in getting Dad everything he deserves and more you can still save the day. Here are some things you can do for Dad to make him forget you forgot to prepare for Father’s Day.

  1. Set up a T time and invite Dad and his friends. The best adult playdate ever! Your Dad wishes he could make it out to the golf course more, why not reserve the time and invite his favorite buddies to join.
  2. Learn to operate the grill. This one will take a lot of research on your part if you’re not a grill expert. Go buy your dads favorite steak, and sides and you take over dinner plans. It’s totally okay to let your Dad coach you with your grill debut.
  3. Show up and mow the lawn for him. He takes pride in his lawn. Let him take a week off. Let him take the weekend off of honey do’s and let him enjoy a nice well-manicured lawn.
  4. Take him out for a pedicure date. If he’s never gone, this will be a complete game changer for him. Let him get the Royal treatment. Unfortunately, he might start doing this without you, so be prepared for that.

If you didn’t do anything for your dad, don’t freak out. You’re not alone. Make sure you give your Dad a make good day.

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