We truly live in the Wild West in Texas. So many animals reside along with us in the state, and we've seen a lot of instances of them just appearing around us with no warning. But while some simply just visit and cause no harm, there are others that can cause real issues.

When these issues pop up, they can range from small things, like damage to the areas we live in, to completely destroying things we need for living. Sadly, it seems those issues are making a return, causing some individuals in the state to have some headaches.

Yes, it looks like Feral Hogs have returned in the state of Texas, and farmers everywhere are already suffering from the headaches they cause.

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Feral Hogs Running Amok In Texas

Truly, that last statement is not a lie. Texas Parks And Wildlife reports that these hogs are all over the state of Texas, so much so that one single county, El Paso to be precise, hasn't been invaded yet. Of course, that is at the time of writing.

Sadly, it doesn't look like our wild hogs friends like just hanging out and causing chaos. According to KRIS 6, they've been spotted in areas like cemeteries and golf courses to name some areas.

Further data from Texas A&M, which was reported by KRIS 6, stated that 3 to 4 million feral pigs in the Lone Star State totals between 3-4 million. So get used to seeing them around Texans!

Oh and one other thing, if you want to hunt wild hogs on a farmer's property, seek their permission first!

So are there other animals in Texas that cause issues?

Not all snakes are bad. Some Texas snakes actually do a lot to help humans out, even if we don't always see or appreciate it. Then again, some snakes can do a lot of harm. Here's a quick rundown.

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