Is it just us or are animal sightings on the uptick in the Lone Star State? Maybe it's because of the heat, or suddenly we're noticing them more, but it's rather weird to see these days. Well, it is the wild west after all right?

But most of the time, when we see a wild animal it's mainly in a zoo. Rarely do we see it in our normal lives. Until that moment it happens to us.

For one group of Texans in McKinney, waking to up a wild animal invasion is startling to say the least. But, it happened, and they've got the evidence to prove it!

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The Goats Have Appeared In The State Of Texas

According to WFAA, Garrett Piersall provided video of the animals partaking in eating some of the plants outside his abode:

First off, my goodness that is a lot of goats, just casually eating greenery on the front lawn right? Second, there's no way to really chase them off right? But why did the goats end up in the neighborhood in the first place?

WFAA was informed that the goats themselves were with a herd that they simply decided to break away from their group and, so to speak, take the scenic route to the neighborhood. The company that was helping with the goat herd didn't provide a statement, but they did fix the yards the goats snacked on.

Well at least the goats enjoyed their snack right?

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