If you are a Texas resident and currently receive SNAP benefits, you might be surprised to find out right now is when you need to recertify for the entire year, or risk having to reapply and leave yourself open the possibility of being denied or delayed through the enrollment process. If you are not aware, SNAP is a government program that assists in grocery costs for individuals who may struggle with food insecurities and supplements residents so they can purchase the necessary nutritional items to lead a healthy life.

Why do you have to recertify for SNAP benefits?

Most SNAP benefits in Texas are eligible for either a temporary window of 3 months, or for those who qualify, you can be approved for a full year at a time. The SNAP program the issues a card that can be used on food items at any store that accepts SNAP.

According to the Texas website, you cannot spend SNAP on the following items:


  • Buy tobacco.
  • Buy alcoholic drinks.
  • Buy things you can't eat or drink.
  • Pay for food bills you owe.
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So, why might today be the cutoff for recertification?

Each year households that are receiving SNAP benefits are sent a recertification letter that must be completed on the 15th day of the month in which their assistance is scheduled to end. If your benefits are scheduled to expire at the end of this month, you have to finish the recertification process, so that you can continue to receive SNAP next month.

You can read more in this MARCA article.

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