The summer pool season is right around the corner and as we approach Memorial Day we know many will be ready to hit the pool or our Central Texas lakes to cool off.

This also means that many pool-side accessories may get left outside overnight. This instantly brought back memories of last summer when the family in Arizona made the news after the found rattlesnakes hiding inside their pool noodles! Turns out, those fun and foamy pool noodles are the perfect places for a snake to stay comfy and warm overnight. You will want to be sure you shake out those noodles before you use them in order to avoid a pool party that comes with the need for a dose of anti-venom.

You can see the original post the Buckeye Fire Department above in which they remind folks the last thing you want to do is scream and spaz out. This will only likely scare the snake even more and increase the chances that it will strike. Unless you are a snake charmer, do not try to do anything but give the snake plenty of space so it calms down and slithers off.

Remember a snake is a cursed creature! That's right out of the bible folks. They would eat you if they could but you are way too big for them to swallow. They probably still think about it though! Calling a snake removal expert is the safest way to go.

So when you are gearing up to head to Lions' Junction or Long Branch for the summer, remember to pick up those pool noodles at the end of the day along with all those other pool toys. They are top-notch hiding places for reptiles, including venomous snakes.

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