Come July, I will have been a resident of Texas for 14 years. That seems like a long time, yet I’m always learning something new about the state.

We’ve got a new guy at the station, Wes Adams, and he too has moved to Central Texas from another state. And since that state is Alabama, I will use the term “State” loosely. (Ha!)

So to help him out, and, me being a selfish ass, to help me out as well. Here are a few facts about our home…Texas.



  • Texas

    What Does it Mean?

    “TEXAS” is derived from the Hasini Indian word for “Friend”. And Texas is a friendly place, unless you litter, then s**t gets real.

  • State Dog

    Blue Lacy

    In 2005 the state of Texas made the Blue Lacy the official state dog breed of Texas. Don't know if was bred to be the Bluest Eyes or not.

  • Bats

    Home of the Bats

    We’ve all heard the saying “Waco is wacko”, but when it comes to being “Batty”, that title goes to San Antonio. Now I know what you’re thinking.

    “What about Austin?

    Yes, Austin is home to the world’s largest Urban Bat Colony, but San Antonio’s Bracken Cave is home the world’s largest bat colony.

  • Oldest Law

    One Riot One Ranger

    Texas is home to the oldest law enforcement agency in North America. Yep, The Texas Rangers. Honorary Texas Rangers include John Wayne, Will Rogers, President George H.W. Bush, and of course, Chuck Norris.

  • Bigfoot

    Kill on Site

    And finally, not only can you shoot and kill a person who breaks into your home, you can also legally shoot and kill Big Foot if you see him in Texas.

    So Biggy, if you're reading this, don't come to Texas. Stay in Washington State and drink your coffee.