County officials in Pinellas County, FL are bowing to a complaining resident and enforcing a little-known ordinance that considers BBQ smoke and the accompanying odor a nuisance.

While I agree that some people's BBQ itself should be considered a nuisance not fit for human consumption, the smell of a BBQ is one of the few things that get me through the winter months.  I've had a neighbor in the past that's complained to the city about my lawn being too overgrown.  It was during my two fabulous freshman years at the University of Oklahoma, which meant I was too busy NOT studying to mow the lawn.

Since that time, my experiences with various condo/homeowner's associations to be less than friendly.  I look at the enforcement crew of a homeowner's association as nothing more than wanna-be-tough-guys that like to push any small amount of power on residents.  This may not be a homeowner's association in Pinellas County, FL, but the ordinance itself sounds like it was written by a guy that just got done yelling at some kids to keep their baseball off his lawn.

Watch, and bask in the glory of the authority of Pinellas County.  God knows they do.

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