Before these actors were Oscar nominees, they starred in roles you might have forgotten about!

The nominees for the 2014 Oscars are officially in! Most of the actors nominated have starred in many notable roles, but there are a few you might have forgotten! Check out this year's nominees in some of their earlier, less remembered roles below!



Before he was saving Gotham from comic book villains, Christian Bale starred as Jo's (Wynona Rider) bff Laurie in the 1994 Adaption of Little Women. Of course I had a GIANT crush on him when I saw this movie at age 5.



Speaking of childhood crushes, Leo Dicaprio was the biggest one of my early adolescence. He won me over with his role as Luke on Growing Pains, as a homeless kid that the Seavers take in.



Before Amy Adams was frolicking with animals in Enchanted, she played Brenda, one of Leonardo Dicaprio's love interests in the movie "Catch Me if You Can". I never realized it was her until I went back and watched the movie again years later!



I can't even imagine Sandra Bullock ever being unappealing to men, but that was the plot of the early 90's movie Love Potion No. 9. In the movie, Sandra's a shy scientist who stumbles upon a love potion that makes her and her partner irresistible to the opposite sex.



Remember Angels in the Outfield? Obviously. Remember the fact that Matthew McConaughey was in it? Me neither. Apparently he played baseball player Ben, who miraculously catches a ball with the help of an angel. There aren't many individual scenes from the movie on youtube, (however you can watch the entire thing there!) but here is a scene where you at least get silent face shots of him.



Before he was cracking us up in Superbad or 21 Jumpstreet, Jonah Hill had a bit part in the Steve Carrell movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin. 


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