Anthony Custance (Jail Photo) KWTX NEWS 10

Killeen Police Officer Anthony Custance was indicted in June by the Bell County Grand Jury for tampering with evidence. A charge he pleaded guilty to on Friday the 27th.

Several calls came into the Killeen Police Department late last week after a news story seemed to indicate that Custance pleaded guilty to a charge that resulted in the death of James Scott Reed during the presentation of a search warrant.

Police explained that Custance was not indicted at all in the death of Mr. Reed but that he had pleaded guilty to the charge of tampering with evidence.

Our partners at News 10 report that Custance attempted to conceal the fact that he fired rounds during a no-knock warrant raid on a Killeen duplex in February that resulted in the death of James Reed.

According to News 10, Custance’s rounds didn’t hit anyone, but his actions during and after the raid were deemed unethical.

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