Fort Hood soldiers continue to arrive along the southwest border to help with security. The 36th Engineer Brigade and the First Calvary Division are making sure that border control has what it needs to successfully carry out its mission.

KCENTV reports Northern Command Spokesperson Michael McCullough said while it is not the soldier's mission to "watch" the border, they are providing much-needed support. Their objectives are described as providing security at temporary posts, reinforcing roads coming into the United States with vehicle barriers, and to provide set up necessities like dining halls and showers.

The troops are at the border at the request of the Department of Homeland Security who have asked for additional border security from the Department of Defense. At last count, officials say there are an estimated 7000 soldiers from Texas, California, and Arizona working with customs and border protection.

Our thanks to all our Fort Hood soldiers who will be spending the holidays watching the border and protecting our country.

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