Let's face it, the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" has us all in stitches.  But he's getting old.  His stories are all past-tense.  We need a new hero.  We've found one.

Dierks Bentley has squeezed in enough excitement to last a lifetime into just one week.  Here are reasons why Dierks Bentley is the REAL "Most Interesting Man in the World":







1.  He released his actual email address-  Sure it was an accident, but Dierks has been able to laugh off the incident that saw his inbox filled with thousands of unsolicited emails within minutes.  Dierks had been attempting to share the news of his new album, "Riser", being available on iTunes.  He took a screenshot of an email he received from iTunes and shared it on social media.  Unfortunately, that screenshot also included his email address.

2.  His album debuted at #1-  Honestly, how many people NOT named George Strait can actually say that?  There are so few musicians that actually make it, and even fewer will ever taste the sweet victory of a #1 album.  Even fewer will ever know what it feels like to debut at #1.  Dierks is one of those guys, thanks to his new album.  As a matter of fact, Dierks has now had three albums debut at #1.

3.  The world of pop music loves him-  Many country artists (Taylor, I'm looking in your direction) make no secret of their desire to be a crossover success and find fans in the pop world.  Dierks isn't one of those guys.  He even released a bluegrass album.  Nothing is further from pop music than bluegrass.  Still, the pop world has come calling.  He's filmed an episode of CMT Crossroads with pop band OneRepublic, and despite the song that's been released (the episode airs March 21st) being a OneRepublic song, Dierks still puts a little twang in it and it comes off without a hitch.

4.  He makes Bravo watchable-  Whether it was a joke or an actual slam on country music's darling, Blake Shelton, Dierks certainly showed the world he's not afraid to speak his mind during a recent episode of "Watch What Happens Live" on the Bravo network.  He also showed his diversity by turning celeb tweets into song.

5.  He's still able to just be "dad"- Watching his performance with his daughter at a concert will make you feel two things... 1)  He's a really cool dad, and 2) He makes the rest of us dads seem pretty lame by comparison.





It's obvious Dierks Bentley has it all going on, and you've got a chance to win a trip to see him perform live at the Taste of Country Music Festival, taking place this June at Hunter Mountain, NY.  See Dierks, Brad Paisley, Hank Jr. and more.  You can win airfare, hotel, a limo ride to the show each day, as well as autographed merchandise and the chance to meet Dierks personally.  Sign up to win before the end of March.


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