Hotdoggers Relish Rachel and Ketchup Katie stopped by the studios here in Temple and showed Central Texas a bunderful time!

If you've ever seen the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile up close and personal, then consider yourself lucky. Only 6 Wienermobiles drive across the country at any given time with two drivers known as Hotdoggers.

In order to be a Hotdogger, you have be a graduating college senior. Thousands of students apply, but only 12 are chosen! Relish Rachel and Ketchup Katie call that "cutting the mustard!" I mean think about it - it's easier to get into an ivy league school than to be selected as a hotdogger. The gig is a full-time position, and hotdoggers travel all across the US as brand ambassadors for Oscar Meyer.

We had some good questions for our Hotdoggers and they did not disappoint. Like, how do you wash a Wienermobile? The ladies told us that in order to clean up a dog that big, they stop at local fire departments to get the Wienermobile spic and span. How crazy is that? We also asked the ladies if ketchup truly does go on a hotdog? Of course, Ketchup Katie thinks that ketchup absolutely goes on hotdogs!

The ladies passed out wiener whistles to a crowd of ecstatic children, and soon our parking lot was filled with a symphony of whistles. We had a franktastic time meeting Relish Rachel and Ketchup Katie and we wish them safe travels on their tour across the United States.

AZ interviewed our new friends for KRock1017. You can hear the interview below and see some footage inside the Wienermobile!

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Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Comes to Central Texas

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