After months and months of contending with a virus we didn't fully understand, it's been a huge relief to read the headlines about a new vaccine that has been shown to be quite effective. Particularly as we've seen a surge in positive tests here in Texas and around the country.

Next reasonable question? OK, how do we get this vaccine? Well, if you live near a Brookshire's or Super 1 Foods, you have your answer.

On Monday, Brookshire Grocery Company sent out a press release announcing they, "in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, [are] actively preparing for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination once it’s approved and available for distribution."

Both Super 1 Foods and Brookshire's Store Pharmacies will "administer the vaccines to the public to support the goal of keeping our communities safe by offering this vaccine at no cost to the patient."

Yes, you read that right--at NO cost to the patient. What a relief.

Brad Brookshire, Chairman and CEO, said "providing this free service will help maximize efforts to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. “Our company is committed to supporting our communities and providing for our customers’ daily and essential needs."

What a relief. Brookshire went on to say that as soon as the vaccine is ready to go, their pharmacy staff will receive all necessary training and will be ready to educate the public as well, in regard to the process. Once the COVID-19 vaccine is available, BGC pharmacy staff will partake in the necessary training to ensure the safe administration of the vaccine, as well as educating our patients about the process.

“We are proud to participate in the plan to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines to best serve our communities. Our pharmacy team is actively enrolling with each state in order to be ready to safely administer vaccines when available. We care about our neighbors and are committed to doing what we can to lessen the impact of COVID-19.” ~Brad Brookshire

From what I've seen--whenever I've visited a Brookshire's or a subsidiary, I've been impressed at the care they've taken in adhering to safety standards in order to keep their employees, and the public, safe. And now, they've taken it one HUGE step further.

Well done, Brookshire's. And thank you.

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