How would ya like to come home every day for 40 years to a 50% chance that there will be line of freight cars blocking your driveway?That's the chance a Central Texas couple took when they moved into their residence off Highway 6 in Riesel back in the mid 1970's.  R.D. and Laverna Pursche see about a dozen trains go past their home every day. They don't mind the train whistle blowing at all hours, or the tracks that run through the front yard. What gets to them is when the trains stops for maintenance or to switch tracks. This either blocks them in their driveway, or keeps them from coming home. Sometimes the trains stay put for hours keeping the couple from coming or going.

The Pursche family began keeping a log of how long the train blocks access to their residency. One of the more recent entries shows their driveway was blocked for over 12 hours on Fathers Day of this year.

According to the Department of Public Safety, there used to be a law on the books that prevented trains from blocking roads and driveways, but that law was recently repealed.

Should the Pursche family have an emergency, first responders would have to use a helicopter to reach the residence. The only thing they can do for now is place a phone call to the train operator to ask them move. That's a lot of phone calls over 40 years. Hopefully the phone bill is compensated!

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