We all have our favorite foods in the state of Texas.

When you think about it, there are a lot of different foods that one can enjoy in the Lone Star State. With so many to choose from, there's bound to be one that you haven't heard yet. But with all food, somebody has a choice that is no longer available to consumers.

Which is just a sad situation, because everybody should have their favorite comfort food available to them at all times. But when that food disappears from stores, it's mainly because people quickly try to get it if before it truly leaves. Well, we've once again arrived at the point in time where it's happening again.

This time, the food item is a little bit smaller than one would expect, but it still will make people of all ages sad.

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One Gum In Texas Is Leaving Grocery Stores

According to Food and Wine, this gum will no longer be able to be found after it was created in the 1960s. What is the food you ask? None other than Fruit Stripe Gum.

People seeking the gum before the discontinuation noticed changes in the ability to find the gum. Further investigation by Fruit Stripe gum lovers lead to the discovery that according to the company, Ferrara Candy, was slowly phasing out the candy.

However, it was recently announced the candy was officially being taken off store shelves. So, in other words, it's the end of an era. But, how about a joke to close out with a laugh?

So long Fruit Stripe Gum!

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