US 105 listeners by now have met or at least heard us talking about Marily Considine, an inspirational military spouse that has been through her own personal battles.  She represented Ft Hood last year with class and made us all proud as our Military Spouse of the Year Candidate.

The story that lies beneath just a quick blurb about Marily's nomination is a story of strength and determination that you'd expect to see from a soldier, but not necessarily from the forgotten heroes back at home.  Marily has battled through multiple deployments while raising the kids and dealing with mommy AND daddy duties.

On top of playing Supermom to her kids and keeping the homefront operating Marily has also battled two different bouts with cancer.  After successfully knocking cancer to the canvas the first time around, Marily got the devastating news the cancer had returned.  The news came just a few short days after her soldier returned from yet another deployment.

I shared with you the video of the latest homecoming in the Considine household.  Marily shared another video today, and I thought I'd share it with you.  We've seen just about every angle of the soldier homecoming videos, but I love this one because you've got a toddler that goes back and forth between pure excitement for daddy's return and utter confusion over why daddy's standing in front of him as opposed to on the Skype screen.

Thank you, Marily, for once again sharing this special family moment with us.  Thank you for being an inspiration and showing us what "Army Strong" means back here on the homefront.