It's almost time, Game of Thrones returns to HBO Sunday (March 31) Night!    It's about time! It seems like it's been almost a year since we saw  the Lannisters triumph in the Battle of Blackwater.  So what else happened?  Joffrey is still King, he has found for a new mate.  That could be good news or bad news for Sansa.   Tyrion almost had his face cut in half. Arya and her pals escaped Harrenhal, and..... that's all I remember.

Oh Yes my Main Man John Snow killed a fellow Ranger for some reason. Something about becoming a double agent, and there are White Walkers out there!

I am sure HBO is re-running the Second Season so you can catch up but who has time? Not me,  I would rather watch the Buddy TV Slide Show.  Here it is, Season Two in a nutshell!