Country singer Janelle Arthur has survived another round of 'American Idol.' The 23-year-old performer won enough votes to move forward this week after singing her own original arrangement of the Supremes classic 'Keep Me Hanging On' Wednesday night (March 27), to the universal praise of the judging panel.

Armed only with her acoustic guitar, Arthur delivered a restrained version of the song that Keith Urban said brought out the underlying angst of the lyric in a different way, while Mariah Carey lauded the performance as "Janelle at her finest."

Arthur has made a cottage industry of restraint in recent weeks, differentiating herself from the other female vocalists on the show by holding back and imbuing her songs with an emotional tenor that relies on connecting, rather than over-singing.

It's a choice that is in keeping with the stripped-down traditions of country music, and it's obviously working, as Arthur easily moved forward another round on the results show Thursday night (March 28).