We live in the Age of Outrage, in which it seems like everyone has a knee-jerk reaction to anything that might be even remotely offensive. Sure we should call people out when they're blatantly being obnoxious, but we should also take a closer look at things before going off on an angry rant.

That was the case when Garth Brooks posted a photo of himself wearing a Barry Sanders No. 20 jersey to Instagram last weekend. Garth was performing at Ford Field in Detroit, so it was a nice gesture meant to pay tribute to the legendary Detroit Lions  running back.

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Detroit You carried me all night long But you always have I’m in love with you! love, g #GARTHinDETROIT

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So, what was so offensive about that? Well, Brian Manzullo with the Detroit Free Press reports that some fans read the jersey as an endorsement for 2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Scrolling through the comments on Garth's Instagram post will whittle away some of your remaining faith in humanity (assuming you still have any). Here are a few gold nuggets:

"If that’s Bernie shirt I just lost a lot of respect for you!"

"No thanks! Trump 2020!"

"If this is for Bernie Sanders, I'm done with you. I thought you were a true American that loves Our Country?"

"Sorry Garth.. don't think so. Just stick to music."

"I wish you would’ve kept your political preferences to yourself. Peace out."

As people are realizing their mistake, I'm seeing comments being deleted. I know this is standard operating procedure for the Internet, but I think it can serve as a good reminder of why it's important to put our basic observation skills to work on a daily basis. If anything, it could spare a few of us some embarrassment. As for Brooks and Sanders, they seem to have a pretty good sense of humor about it if their Tweets are any indication.


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