Garth Brooks was a late bloomer when it comes to social media, but now that's he's joined, he's determined to do it right.

The country superstar just joined Twitter and Facebook a couple of weeks ago, on the same day his new album, 'Man Against Machine,' was released. Brooks says his reluctance to join wasn't necessarily out of any resistance to technology.

“Well up ’til August of this year, you’ve gotta remember, I was in my children’s life,” Brooks tells the Sean & Richie Show from Albany, N.Y.’s WGNA. “That was everything. And, no offense, I didn’t feel it was right to share that.

“Pretty cool now though: The kids are all gone, we’re out on tour, and people want to know about that?” he adds. “Heck yeah, I can talk about that all day long.”

Now that he's finally online, the singer is looking forward to making a real connection with his fans. That means personally handling his own social media posts.

“I think it’s kind of dangerous to have someone else do it for you,” Brooks states. “I just don’t like somebody else speaking for me.

“They’re showing me right now, so there’s a team that helps you with it,” he adds, “but the truth is, I want to get to where I can walk on my own and kind of do it myself.”

For now, Brooks' Twitter feed includes some updates that are attributed to Team Garth, while his personal tweets are signed "Love, g." He's posted a number of things, including personal replies to fans.

“I have been busy on Twitter,” he says. “That’s a fun thing. I mean it’s like, nothing between you and them. I love that … I like that fact that you can do it any time. Two in the morning, two in the afternoon.”

'Man Against Machine' debuted at the top of the country charts in its first week. Brooks is currently on a massive comeback world tour.

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