Although we haven't seen $3 a gallon gas yet in Killeen, prices at the pumps in Central Texas are starting to rise once again.

The highest price in Bell County right now is $3.09 in Harker Heights, Gatesville, and Lampasas, according to GasBuddy. is reporting that AAA Texas has the statewide gas price average currently at $3.00 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel.

That price is four cents higher than last week, and 89-cents more per gallon compared to last year.

Right now in Texas' major metro areas, drivers in El Paso are paying the most on average at $3.29 per gallon, while drivers in Amarillo are paying the least on average at $2.90 per gallon.

In Temple, Walmart on West Adams has gas at $2.78 a gallon.

Texas Gas Prices vs National

If you're driving in Texas, you're paying the 4th lowest gas price (average) nationwide, according to

GasBuddy is predicting that the surge in fuel prices could result in $4 a gallon gas by the spring of 2022.

Ways to Find Better Deals has several tips that can help you save money while filling up, including using a gas price app, choosing a reward card, and buying the right fuel for your vehicle.

Driving experts suggest slowing down on the highway to save gas, avoiding extra weight in your vehicle any longer than necessary, and keeping your tires rotated and inflated to the proper pressure.

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