A jewelry thief in Queens, NY was arrested after she pawned a stolen diamond ring for far less than it was worth, then tried to buy it back.

Sherisse Ricketts, 34, was working as a home health attendant for a 90-year-old Long Island woman when she stole a family heirloom she believed to be cubic zirconia, then pawned it for $50. After the owner reported it stolen, investigators interviewed Ricketts and revealed the true value of the piece, which had been in the victim's family for over a century. It turns out the jewel was a real diamond worth $50,000.

Shortly after speaking to police, Ricketts returned to the pawn shop and tried to buy the rink back for $100, but the suspicious clerk refused and later contacted police.

Ricketts, who has an extensive criminal background, has been charged with grand larceny in the case and petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property in a separate case.

Luckily , this story has a happy ending. The ring, which the victim's father used to propose to her mother, was returned safely.

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