Amanda Perry Hayes has been convicted of tampering with evidence. Hayes and her husband Grant Hayes both from North Carolina murdered Laura Ackerson in their apartment. The couple then dismembered the body and put it into coolers and made the drive to Richmond, Texas where Grant Hayes' sister lives. According to a press release from Fort Bend County prosecutors in Texas, the couple thought that Muriatic Acid would entirely destroy the remains of Laura Ackerson. The Couple got on a boat onto Oyster Creek where they “dumped Laura’s body parts into the water with hopes that alligators would eat her remains.”

In 2011 Amanda Perry Hayes and Grant Hayes had already been convicted of second- and first-degree murder. During Amanda Perry Hayes' trial she claimed she didn't murder Ackerson, she only helped dispose of her body out of fear because her husband threatened her. The Jury didn't buy it and sentenced her to 20 years in prison the maximum time possible.

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