Did you have your picture taken at last year's Mother's Day photo booth? Check out the adorable photos here. We're celebrating Mother's Day again this year with a bigger and better photo booth AND a mother's day contest- details to be announced soon!

UBuildIt Mother's Day Photo Booth Pic by US105

What a beautiful group of visitors we had on Friday and Saturday! The Mother's Day Photo Booth was filled with beaming moms and their gorgeous families--and we've got your FREE photo here.

Here's how to get your photo now:

1. Click this link here. You will see a screen full of numbered thumbnail photos.

2. Use the number on the ticket you were given at the photo booth at Bloomin' Temple to find your numbered photograph. (Can't find your ticket?  Scroll through the thumbnails until you find your picture!)

3. Once you find your photo, click on the thumbnail to open the picture.

4.Hover your mouse in the top right hand corner of the picture until a small white wheel appears. Click on it to get options for downloading the picture.

How to download image on Imgur

5. Share the photo with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thank you for visiting the Mother's Day Photo Booth and for joining us at Bloomin' Temple 2013!  We hope to see you again this year!