New laws in California about selling pot, but it's still pot, so a girl scout took advantage of it.

If you're a girl scout and you've already blanketed your neighborhood, where do you go? Well if you're in California, you go to the pot shops.

KXAN is reporting that a girl did just that. She set up a wagon, just off sight, and made a killing. Her father said she worked for 3-hours for two days, and sold 312 boxes.

The report says that they didn't break any girl scout rules because they set up off sight. If she would've set up a table outside the door, she would've violated the rules, but off sight, she was good to go.

Everyone was saying that she was smart to do this. I would like to think that a little girl is not familiar with the fact that pot gives you the munchies, so lets hope it was her dad's idea.

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