Back in the day I played lots of video games. Not these new fancy ones the kids have at home like X-Box, PS, PSP or DS, but REAL video games at an arcade! My friends and I would hang out at these arcades every chance we got. Usually on Friday or Saturday night trying to impress girls. We paid money to play them too. A quarter a game and sometimes it only lasted a few mins. Then more money!

I remember going to Galveston one summer and seeing the very first Space Invaders game. That was it, nothing else. We played that thing until our fingers bled. The next year they had added Pac-Man, and Miss Pac-Man, and it was ON! After that Centipede showed up, and Defender, and Joust! Now Google Maps has given you Pac-Man in your own hometown. Go to Google Maps and choose your hometown or any city for that matter and play!