Granger Smith is going to pull out of the 'Dirt Road Driveway' on April 16. The singer will release his new album, which is his ninth, on that day.

Smith recorded and produced the album in his home studio with his band in Round Rock, Texas. The album is comprised of 12 tacks, all of which he penned except 'Stick Around.'

"Over the past couple of years of building both a family and a career, I've found myself asking the question, ‘What would I do if money didn't matter?’ There’s nothing like coming home at night, pulling in a dirt road driveway and falling in the arms of the girl I love," the Texan says, explaining the significance of his album title. "As many battles as I was ever fighting in the world, nothing was better than coming home to my little dirt road driveway to see my family. It seemed to be a good fit for the album title and summed up a lot of what this album means to me."

The singer-songwriter -- whose alter ego is the country boy Earl Dibbles Jr. -- will kick off the album campaign with his third annual 100-Mile Boot Walk, which is a combat boot-wearing pilgrimage from Austin to Fort Hood, Texas. He honors troops by raising not only funds, but awareness about their needs when returning home from combat or being stationed overseas. The 2013 walk will take place April 7 through April 11. Interested in more details? Go here.

Granger Smith 'Dirt Road Driveway' Track Listing:

1. 'We Do It in a Field'
2. 'If Money Didn’t Matter'
3. 'Stick Around'
4. '19 Forever'
5. 'I Am the Midnight'
6. 'Miles and Mud Tires'
7. 'Come'
8. 'Silverado Bench Seat'
9. 'Easy'
10. 'Bury Me in Blue Jeans'
11. 'Country Boy Love' (Feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)
12. 'The Country Boy Song' (Feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)