Big Q, Peter Christian and I get to mold minds at Central Texas College this afternoon.  We will be talking to Max Rudolph’s Announcing Class.  Central Texas College is where I got my first taste of Broadcasting.  This was way back in the days of records and reel to reel tape, before Teleprompters and tiny field cameras.

Look at all the UPI Copy. No time to rewrite, just rip and read!

The good thing about C.T.C.,  it was all hands on.  Students did everything, in front of the camera, behind the camera  and in the control room.

We shot this show outside, I think I needed a spotlight!
I am the News Girl on "In The Public Interest", our afternoon show. Look Ma, no Teleprompter.

Well that was fun. Always love seeing Skinny Julia! Now if you have a couple of minutes check out the Recruiting Video we made to show potential students just how fun Broadcasting could be, back then we called it Telecommunications! Yes I am in this too along with all the ancient equipment.