Many guys will be entering the gym for the first time this week in an brash attempt to shed off unwanted holiday pounds and, who knows, maybe even work on building up those six packs instead of just sitting around drinking them.

However, while the road to becoming a bona fide beefcake is paved with good intentions, experts say that many men will quickly bow out of those New Year’s resolutions to get into shape because of a phenomenon known as gym intimidation. In fact, because of this, many would be Adonis’ are simply opting to get shredded in private as opposed to having pose downs with a bunch of roid heads soaked in testosterone.

“More men are starting to work out at home,” says Nautilus spokesperson John Fread. “When you’re going to that gym, especially if you’ve never been before, you’ve got body comparisons. Women do it. Men do it.”

Yet, some experts say that if working out in a gym environment is what you need to motivate yourself to do the work - go for it. That’s because most of the other members working out in the facility are likely suffering from the same fears as you are – and those that aren’t will probably be too self-absorbed in what they are doing to be concerned about your physique.

In other words; you can either stop being a bunch of pansies and get your scrawny butts to the gym or continue to transform into fat, lazy bastages like the rest of us. We won't judge you - much.