A happy cow is a nice cow. Nice cows make nice milk, and we love milk! Just the other evening I was engaged quite intently at the milk selection at the local supermarket and it was quite the selection! 1%, 2%, whole, added calcium, less sugar, chocolate, filtered, MORE filtered, buttermilk, whole cream, whipping cream, half & half! BOOM! You get it lots of different milks. You have to keep those cows happy or they'll stop making this wonderful while elixer. Check out the latest in happy cow tech. Watch.

Hof Butenland, an animal sanctuary in northern Germany, devotes itself to fostering animals that have been rescued from slaughter and abuse. Originally a dairy farm with only 60 cows, the sanctuary is now home to over 100 animals, from cows to ducks and anything in between. Jan Gerdes and Karin Muck are the owners of Hof Butenland and dedicate their lives to helping these animals. One particularly useful tool they use is something called a Happy Cow brush.

The Happy Cow brush lets animals reach that itch they just can't scratch on their own. One bull that goes by Paul is especially fond of the machine. Rescued at 2 months old from a slaughterhouse in Bavaria, Paul the bull now lives happily at Hof Butenland.