Registration is now open for the 2017 Harker Heights Family Campout.

Via Harker Heights Parks & Rec
Via Harker Heights Parks & Rec

It seems every family takes their kids out camping at least once. Lord knows my family did it once.  Once.

I don't think my father liked to camp. Pretty sure mom didn't either, but for some reason, one weekend we set up a tent at grandma's farm and spent the night outdoors. I, to this day, have not done anything as stupid as this. If you don't like to camp, your kids won't. I don't know if you're required to do a certain amount of torture of children before you can leave them alone, but for me, it was camping.

I'm a mosquito mecca. I have the sweetest blood in the land. I can't go to certain parts of Europe for fear of vampires. My parents knew this, yet forced me to spend the night outside with all the blood suckers. Here's an observation: a small hole in a tent, is a gaping hole to mosquito's. Drink up boys, the blood is rich and free.

Now, that being said, I had friends that loved the event. Couldn't wait for the 2 months of summer in North Dakota so they could go out and "rough it".  If you have yet to test the family out on the "Camping Adventure", good news.

Harker Heights Park and Recreation Department are inviting you out to their Family Campout. Registration is now open. The campout will happen on Saturday May 13th, and Sunday May 14th at Dana Peak Park, at 3800 Comanche Gap Road.

Events planned for that weekend include hiking, stargazing, kayaking, s'mores, and more. It'll cost just $10 dollars per person, while kids 5 and under are free.