It's been a grueling three months for a Harker Heights family but the McCann's story ultimately wound up with a happy ending on Sunday.

The Harker Heights couple welcomed its five-month-old son, Brayden, who was in the hospital for 104 days and was essentially saved by an organ donation. On February 14 at six weeks old, his mother, Alyssa, noticed her son's health issues, who experienced symptoms including heavy breathing, vomiting and lack of weight gain. After multiple trips to the hospital Brayden was diagnosed with several defects of the heart.

Brayden needed a heart transplant and he was the recipient of one at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston on May 22. Brayden had more complications after the surgery and had to have another operation. Now, two months later, the young boy received the OK to come home to Harker Heights.

Photo courtesy of Brayden's Battalion.

He takes 14 different medicines multiple times a day, according Alyssa, and has to be fed by a tube that runs through his nose.

Please keep your prayers for the family as they are not out of the woods yet, but it certainly is looking better for the McCann family.

To stay up on Brayden's condition or to provide some emotional support, you can visit their Facebook page, Brayden's Battalion.