Does your band have what it takes to be the headliner at this year's Harker Heights Food, Wine, and Beer Fest? Would you like to find out, and maybe win the battle's Grand Prize of $1000 bucks?  Enter the Harker Heights Food Wine Beer Fest Battle of the Bands! It all happens on Saturday, September 14th in Harker Heights!

US 105 and K Rock 1017 will sponsor the stage and entertainment at the Food Wine and Brew Fest. The Battle of the Bands will take place from 4 to 7:00 PM. The deadline to enter is August 2nd. Your application must be sent to or by mail to the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce at 552 E. FM 2410, Suite B in Harker Heights, 76548. Download the application with the button below!

Again, if your band WINS the battle you become the evening's headliner. You'll get two hours of stage time on the main stage at HH FWB Fest to wow the crowd and strut your stuff! Oh yeah, and the $1000 dollar prize!

The judges will decide the winning band based on the FUN FACTOR. Can your band bring a good time to the very large audience that is at FWB Fest looking to have a good time? We encourage groups to play the hits and play them well. If you go for original content, that is awesome. Just understand we have a large group of people who want to have a good time and we need a band who will entertain a large group of people who all have lots of different tastes. Best of luck to all. Every band who entered the contest last year could have easily been the headliner at the end of the night. The competition is very talented, to say the least.

The Harker Heights Food Wine & Brew Fest features 12 Texas vineyards and 52 craft brews so come thirsty and be sure and drop by the battle of the bands and cheer on your favorite area artists!

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