The City of Harker Heights, Texas is set to examine a decree that could prohibit individuals setting up camp in areas that are considered public. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

City Council Of Harker Heights Looking At Public Camping Ban

Per FOX 44, the proposed ban would affect a person's ability to set up camp near certain areas. This idea comes from “aggressive solicitation” due to uptick in problems that have are related to those who have no home in the city. There are many reasons this is being brought to the attention of the Harker Heights City Council.

One of main ones, as mentioned by FOX 44, is due to the amount of workers needed by the city to clear an area near I-14. It was revealed that 15 workers of the cleanup city staff took the task of making a place underneath the bridges there cleaner.

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This was due to the previously mentioned camping in a public place. Homeless individuals were staying underneath said bridge, due to reported issues with being unable to adhere to rules set in shelters.

Places Affected By The Potential Ban

A list of areas which would be off limits for camping is as follows:

- alleyways
- apartment buildings
- common areas of schools
- highways
- hospitals
- parking lots
- parks
- pedestrian ways
- transport facilities
- shops

Other items are to be considered in the proposal, which can been via FOX 44. As this is developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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