A recent two day trial for Travis Jarella Foy has ended regarding an incident last year in Killeen.

Initial Incident Leading To Arrest

Last year, according to the Killeen Daily Herald, Foy was indicted in October of 2021 for a third-degree felony charge of evading arrest or detention with a vehicle in July of the same year. Following the that indictment, he was also indicted for a first-degree felony charge of aggravated robbery and a second-degree felony charge of robbery, the Killeen Daily Herald also reported.

Incidents Described

The first incident took place at a gas station in October of 2020. Foy used a knife to threaten and steal the vehicle of an unnamed man at the 2000 block of Trimmier Road. The man tried to stop Foy from stealing his vehicle, and injured himself from dragging his foot on the pavement trying to stop Foy.

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In the second incident, Foy beat and harmed an unnamed woman at the 1300 block of Rancier Avenue, during a robbery. The victim, identified as "New York" by a witness, was transported to the hospital after authorities arrived, as stated by the arrest affidavit.

Sentencing For Foy

On Wednesday, Foy plead guilty to the first-degree felony charge of aggravated robbery and second-degree felony charge of robbery. He was also sentenced for the evasion of police that took place in 2021.

Foy was sentenced to 45 years in prison in total for the crimes he committed in the past two years. The sentences will run concurrently, as indicated by court records.

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